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Greywater RecyclingMembrane Filter Technology.

How does it work ?

All system functions are managed by Siemens Logic microprocessor control. The greywater is collected from bath, shower and hand wash basin by gravity into the first greywater tank, and is first processed biologically. Bacteria with the addition of oxygen decompose the organic substances in the grey water at timed intervals. The pre-cleaned water is then processed further through the submerged membrane filter. The membrane filter unit physically cleans the partially clean water through the (MicroClear®System) membrane filter, which has extremely fine membrane pores, and blocks 99.9999% of all bacteria from passing through it, guaranteeing that no germs can remain in the cleaned water.

The filtered cleaned water is pumped periodically from the greywater tank by a transfer pump through its own clean water reservoir into the Clearwater tank, where it is stored until required. At which point a submersible pump delivers the Clearwater to WC's etc on demand. If there is insufficient Clearwater available in the Clearwater tank, minimum tank level is maintained by means of a mainswater solenoid valve.

filter technology

The heart of the Greywater System is the patented membrane filter c/w lifting handle

After the greywater cleaning process has taken place, the Clearwater is safe for use in the home for WC flushing, car washing, irrigation etc. Annual maintenance is required to clean out the greywater tank and back-flush the membrane filter, check function of system parts and system operation.

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