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Rainwater harvestingRainman™ Easyfit - for Housing Association Properties

The only system on the market with all in-tank components pre-installed, pumps, filter etc. Install tank, connect pipes, switch on, enjoy !


  1. Rainwater from roof into tank
  2. PE tank with telescopic access & 110mm push fit pipe connections
  3. Integrated self-cleaning fine filter
  4. Overflow siphon with rodent barrier
  5. Overflow to soakaway/storm drain
  6. Calmed inlet, incoming rainwater
  7. Divertron X1000 submersible pump with floating ball & filter sieve
  8. Float switch for mains water minimum tank level
  1. Service ducting 110mm from house to tank
  2. Rainwater supply pipe from in-tank submersible pump
  3. In-house pre wired controls
  4. Mains water supply
  5. Mains water solenoid valve (float switch activated)
  6. Mains water pipe to service duct
  7. Rainwater connection to toilets, washing machine and outside tap


Tank Dimensions

Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Easyfit tank dimensions

Water quality must meet the European Directive 76/160/EWG for recreational water. To the eye the clean water looks like drinking water, cool, clear and colourless odourless.

Rainman Easyfit system c/w Divertron X1000 in-tank submersible pump, incorporating auto on / off switching on demand. The in-tank self-cleaning filter removes dirt particles from the incoming rainwater. When the tank level is low the float switch opens the solenoid valve allowing mains water to flow back into the tank.

The Easyfit system is simple and easy to install and simple to use, all you have to do is plug it in and turn on !

Main features

A complete system package, pre assembled where possible, made easy to install. All systems factory quality tested for water tightness and operation before despatch.


  • Manufactured from virgin polyethylene, heavily ribbed, and of robust construction. Stand on a bed of sand and backfill with spoil taken out, (not clay or sharp stones)
  • Integrated calmed inlet device, self-cleaning filter, siphon overflow.
  • Push fit standard, 110mm pipe connections for rainwater in, overflow out and service duct to house
  • Telescopic access dome, raise to finished levels, and back fill

In house pre-wired controls

  • Components are pre-wired and plumbed for ease of installation. Require mains cable connection into electrical spur and 15mm mains water feed to solenoid valve
  • Auto mains water supply, maintaining tank minimum level in times of no available rainfall

"All in tank components already fitted"

  • Easyfit system, plug and play
  • All in tank components pre-installed
  • Pre-wired & plumbed in-house controls
  • Less than 12 hours to install
  • Single service duct from house to tank
  • Cherry picked, high quality components used throughout
  • High quality Divertron X1000 submersible Pump
  • Easy Installation & user friendly
  • The only system of choice for quick and reliable installation
  • Fit and forget technology


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